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When it comes to language services, Dana Translation provides a comprehensive service to their clients handling every aspect from start to finish. Thousands of client documents have been translated successfully over the past years. By applying their wealth of experience to translating, editing, proofreading, content development, Dana Translation provides quality services for individuals and businesses in the following areas:

Arabic <> English Translation

Arabic <> English Translation

Clear communication is the secret to successful human interaction, whether it’s in business, research, education or any other field.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing & Proofreading

Important documents need careful attention, and that’s what our editorial and proofreading team here at Dana translations provide.

Content Development

Content Development

Search engines score sites with fresh high quality content higher than other sites, so content helps drive prospects to your site.

خدماتنا اللغوية تضم الترجمة من العربية الى الانجليزية وبالعكس، تدقيق لغوي، وكتابة محتوى باللغتين العربية والانجليزية.

About Us

In an ever changing shrinking global world, communication remains the key to developing and maintaining relationships. Often times associations can be tainted by the tiniest of errors. Don’t take that risk!

Picture a sloppy translation and the impact it can have on your business or personal relationship:

With our appointment for scheduling of the 15th quickly please come.

This type of oversight will not happen on our watch.

Imagine receiving a message like this. At Dana Translation we are a team of professional, educated and worthy individuals who will take your correspondence as seriously as we do our own.

Founded in 2012, Dana Translation is based in the England/UK with translators, editors, proofreaders and content developers in 30 countries around the world.


  • Dana Shannak
    Dana Shannak Managing Director & Co-Founder

    Dana Shannak is an accomplished professional with a decade of experience in translation, editing, proofreading, and content development in English and Arabic. Her expertise is reinforced by her 2006 graduation from Leeds University.

  • Abdelrahman Bani Hani
    Abdelrahman Bani Hani Co-Founder

    Abdelrahman Bani Hani is an accomplished professional with a distinguished academic background, having graduated from the esteemed American University of Beirut. With a wealth of experience in the financial sector gained through working at various prestigious institutions worldwide, Abdelrahman has honed his skills and knowledge to become a leader in his field. In addition to his impressive career, he is also a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded several successful companies.

Think Secure, Professional, Discreet and Honest. Think Dana Translation.

You Can Count On Us


Here are the rates for general English or Arabic content, please contact us to get the exact quotation.

  • Translation
    Best Selling
    $0.09/ wordStandard
    • $0.13 Premium
    • $0.16 Ultimate
    • Arabic & English
    • Rate is per word basis
  • Editing & Proofreading
    $0.03/ wordStandard
    • $0.05 Premium
    • $0.09 Ultimate
    • Arabic & English
    • Rate is per word basis
  • Content Development
    $0.50/ WordStandard
    • $1.5 Premium
    • $2.0 Ultimate
    • Arabic & English
    • Rate is per word basis

Minimum order is $30/Job
Rush Fee is $30/Job
Orders less than $500 must be paid in advance.
Orders more than $500 must be paid in 15 days.

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